Natural diet for dogs RAW feeding how to start off

Feeding your dog a natural RAW diet can be tricky and confusing in the beginning so here's an example of how to start raw feeding:(please see previous blog also) Week 1 Chicken, because it is one of the easiest to get hold of, is probably a good meat to start on (or turkey if you [...]

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Clean eating for your dog-why feed a RAW diet?

Its all the rage in our modern day, clean eating, healthy lifestyles and holistic lifestyles, so why do it for yourself and not your dog? Really what it is, is going back to basics and avoiding highly processed foods and opting to feed your dog a natural RAW diet. there's that saying 'fit as a [...]

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Dog grooming in Derby value for money for all

At the woof and ready salon in Derby we aim to provide a top notch service with an affordable price for dog grooming to go with it. We value our regular clients and in return for there continued support and we offer to them lower prices on regular dog grooming sessions. From what our new [...]

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Dog Grooming Derby – How it all started

Working with animals has always been a life long passion for me, after traveling for 2 years and working on an outback cattle station for 6 months over in oz I realised that when I returned to the uk I needed to do what I love, ok it took some time to get the [...]

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Home boarding for dogs in derby

The summer holidays are now in full swing, your looking forward to some sun, sea, sand and serious relaxing time but haven’t had chance to find someone to petsit your beloved pooch. Many people ask me to recommend a good kennel or pet sitting service, the truth is I’ve never used one as im [...]

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Welcome to my new Blog!

I’m delighted to welcome you my new blog! I’ll be posting lots of news and information about new treatments, special offers and our services. Woof and Ready Dog Grooming is located in Derby.

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