At the woof and ready salon in Derby we aim to provide a top notch service with an affordable price for dog grooming to go with it. We value our regular clients and in return for there continued support and we offer to them lower prices on regular dog grooming sessions. From what our new clients say we are up to £10 and even £20 lower than some of the bigger company run salons in the Derby area. Just because you have a large dog doesn’t mean you have to pay huge prices, Ill be honest and say a lot of large dogs cost a similar amount to the smaller ones, we base our prices on how long it takes to groom the dog not on how heavy it is or the size its more about the coat type and how well it has been maintained in between grooms. An average groom costs around £30 fir 2-2.5 hours work which is value for money. We don’t cut corners like some places and include nail trimming and expressing anal glands, some groomers do not include this in their dog grooming sessions, especially ones at the vets as they can make more money by getting the vet nurse to to this part and charge you an added fee (around £10+ for nails and £15 for glands). We groom all breeds of dogs, the most popular grooms we do are for cocapoo’s £33, spaniels £30, west highland white terriers £28, Yorkshire terriers £23, Bichion Freeze £30, Lhasa apso and shihtzu £30. most of these breed do well visiting every 2 months, we offer in between grooms for the labradoodle’s and poodle mix breeds we charge only £20 for a bath dry and brush out to ensure your pet stays tangle free. Why not bring your new puppy to us, its important to get you dog used to the sounds of the dryers and being bathed from a young age, its much simpler to do this from the ages of 3 months and after a couple of grooms the routine becomes a normal part of everyday life and with our value for money grooms we start from only £15. for more information please contact us at or check us out on